Use the open-source integrated machine learning in MindsDB and the open-source data integration platform Airbyte to forecast Shopify store metrics.

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Over the last year, our team has interviewed more than 200 companies about their data integration use cases. What we discovered is that data integration in 2021 is still a mess.

The Unscalable Current Situation

At least 80 of the 200 interviews were with users of existing ETL technology, such as Fivetran, StitchData and Matillion. We found that every one of them were also building and maintaining their own connectors even though they were using an ETL solution (or an ELT one — for simplicity, I will just use the term ETL). Why?

  1. Significant friction around database replication

Inability to cover all connector needs

Many users’ ETL solution didn’t support the connector they wanted, or supported it but not in the way they needed.

  1. Building the largest developer community for data integration. We envision that most connectors will be built and maintained…

  • Step 2: Connecting the PostgreSQL database to Tableau
  • Step 3: Creating charts in Tableau with Zoom data

  • The evolution of the number of Slack workspace members
  • Evolution of weekly messages
  • Evolution of messages per channel
  • Members per time zone

John Lafleur

Co-Founder of Airbyte, the new open-source standard for data integrations. Author at SDTimes,, TheNewStack, Dzone… Happy husband and dad :)

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